Annie Briggs Photography

Documentary Photography: Real Life Moments

At the beginning of the year I was considering offering posed newborn sessions. It seems to be what people want. Almost every birth client asks. And you all know I love babies.
I even took a course.
And I’m so glad I took the course, because it helped me realize … it’s just not where my heart is.

My heart is in DOCUMENTING life as it unfolds. Real moments. Moments that are going to pass us by, whether I’m standing there with my camera or not. Because those are the moments that make us who we are, and shape our lives, and tell a story. It’s especially powerful to document a birth.  But I also love the ordinary, everyday moments. I would love to come to your home and capture that for you.

And as for newborns – I do offer Newborn Lifestyle sessions. I won’t pose your baby. But you will be able to look back and remember exactly what it felt like to have that baby in your arms, in your family, in your home.

And just for fun, to share a little peek into my daily life, here are a few phots of my own kids, being messy, having fun, making chocolate cupcakes from scratch. (Which were a little on the rock-hard side, by the way. Likely due to entirely too much taste testing. They later sold said cupcakes at their lemonade stand in our driveway for $0.75 each).

ps I’m really not sure why my 5 year old has “help” written on his forehead… I suppose I could have washed it off. But we’re being real here…