Annie Briggs Photography

Meet Annie

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Here’s a little about me…

I grew up in West Michigan, married my college sweetheart, Adam, while I was in grad school for Public Health. It was a good choice (both the grad school and the Adam). 🙂 We have traveled to 20 some countries together, and spent a few years living back in Michigan while Adam got his MBA, and in Northern Virginia, and one VERY hot summer in Mississippi before moving to the Indianapolis area in 2012. We have three kids (Violet, 8; Eli, 5; Cora, 3) and a chocolate lab named Brady, and a rotation of foster dogs through LOLIN. We spend our family time playing outside and traveling. And we love a good beach! I am also a homebirth assistant and I offer light doula services to my birth story clients.  I love the mystery and anticipation and uniqueness of every birth and new baby, and documenting those moments iiiiiiiiis basically my dream job.

SO….to those of you still reading, I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to be the one to capture some of the most important & beautiful moments of your life. I’ll show up at 2AM, I’ll hold space with you as you labor, I’ll hold your hand if you need me to, and I’ll capture YOUR story as it unfolds.

If you’re expecting, you can check availability for your due date by contacting me here.